How Does Cerus Markets Help Traders Succeed?

You have heard all about different cryptos, how to trade different pairs, trading indices versus stocks or cryptos versus stocks, and a range of trading concepts. We have also talked about various technical indicators and how they help you trade.

What we haven’t talked about is how we can help you succeed in your trading. After all, wouldn’t you want to be the trader that goes to the comedy club after a successful day at work? Just think about it, you would be laughing all your way to the bank!

In this article, we will discuss how Cerus Markets can help traders succeed. We won’t make it boring by simply listing all our features and why they are great for a trader. Rather, we will talk more holistically about why some of Cerus Markets’ specific features make sense, who can benefit the most from Cerus Markets, and what opportunities you can harness with Cerus Markets.

What To Look For In A Trading Platform

There are plenty of platforms offering opportunities to trade a wide variety of assets including leveraged instruments like CFDs. It can get a bit overwhelming trying to figure out which one is the most appropriate.


In order to gauge the quality and fit of a platform for a trader, it is important to first understand what to look for. We believe that one of the first things to inquire about is whether the platform is regulated. A fly-by-night operator can simply vanish with your capital if you aren’t careful.

Cerus Markets is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority in Malaysia under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act of 2010. Therefore, it has to follow responsible business practices and provide certain protective features to its customers (traders).

Instruments Available To Trade

The next thing is the variety of instruments available to trade. The more the instruments, the higher the number of opportunities to trade. Stocks, commodities, and crypto are almost standard for a lot of modern trading platforms. 

Derivatives like NDCs and CFDs not only offer leverage but also allow traders to make a bet on one asset versus another. A stock versus an index or one crypto versus another is possible with derivatives. Cerus Markets has over 500 instruments covering a wide variety of asset classes.

Costs And Fees

The costs are another important factor worth considering when comparing platforms. Brokerages and platforms earn their incomes through fees, commissions, and spreads that they charge on trades. Certain value-add services also offer extra income. 

Cerus Markets does not charge fees or commissions. There are no fees on deposits and withdrawals either. Cerus Markets earns through the spread (bid-ask difference) on every trade executed on its platform. Cerus Markets also offers new users a bonus deposit offer where it matches whatever the customer deposits up to a maximum amount of $5,000.

The Platform Interface And Usability

Having a platform that is convenient to use and easy to navigate is important. The platform should be available on the computer and mobile so that you can execute traders on the move.

The platform should graphically be intuitive and offer all the tools and indicators in one place. It should also have news, educational content, and everything needed to be well-informed about the markets.

Lastly, the platform should also be secure. Cerus Markets has a two-factor authentication setup, plenty of content free to read, a web and mobile version, a host of technical indicators, and clean charting graphics.

Cerus Markets has an extensive news portal covering a variety of assets. An economic calendar allows traders to stay on top of all the important events that have the potential to move the markets.

Overall Reputation

Ultimately, the platform that you work with is like your partner. Important money-related decisions are executed by the platform. So, your partner has to be reliable and reputed. One way to check the reputation of a platform is through reviews.

Cerus Markets is verified as a business on Trustpilot’s website. It also has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. The rating can be accessed at TrustPilot

Other Factors to Note

Cerus Markets offers a relatively high leverage ratio of up to 400:1. For cryptocurrencies, the leverage ratio is 100:1. Higher leverage ratios may excite traders, but they can also be a double-edged sword if the trading does not include risk management.

Users can choose to receive push notifications through its Stream service. The platform has an activity terminal where users can set up price alerts and get notified in case of abnormalities or significant price fluctuations. These features are different from a plain vanilla price alert.

ZAOne unique thing about Cerus Markets is that it offers its own trading platform. So, if you are tired of using MetaTrader and want something different, then a proprietary trading platform could be an option to consider.

Traders from 100+ countries can open accounts with Cerus Markets and trade on the global markets. So, traders have access to instruments and assets outside of their home countries. They can truly take advantage of trends and events happening globally.

As a policy, Cerus Markets maintains a strict account separation between its own money and client funds. Therefore, at no point in time is client money used by Cerus Markets. It is important to check this feature among every broker that you research.

Who Can Benefit From Cerus Markets?

Cerus Markets offers a comprehensive trading solution to traders. Those who want to trade crypto CFDs, crypto pairs, and a variety of global assets will find Cerus Markets helpful.

Those who are cost-conscious and dislike paying a variety of fees and commissions will find Cerus Markets’ pricing structure helpful.

Traders who like getting news and updates will appreciate the depth and amount of news content that Cerus Markets generates regularly.

If you are wondering whether Cerus Markets is more of a CFD platform where experienced traders who know how to handle leverage can benefit, then you are partly right and partly wrong. Even those who are very new to trading can find Cerus Markets useful because the platform offers traditional assets for trading as well.

Traders who are motivated to self-learn through online resources and then put the learnings into practice will find Cerus Markets’ content and trading platform combo appealing.

Final Words

In this article, we have talked about the attributes of a good trading platform. We also discussed how specific features of Cerus Markets can make the platform a reliable partner in your trading journey.

We touched upon the educational and content-related offerings of Cerus Markets and also discussed important security features that trading platforms should have.

We hope that you are now better informed about picking the right trading platform.

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