These are the panda buttons and menus we can use on our site.
Button Shortcode Testing
Forex Menu
Forex Deposit
Forex Login
Forex Sign Up

If the client is not logged in:
  • The forex-menu/client menu is hidden.
  • the deposit button is hidden.
If logged in,
  • the signup button is hidden,
  • the forex-menu/client area menu is shown (if included with the forex-menu) shortcode.
  • the login button becomes a logout button, unless we set an attribute to not do that. (does not happen if we use the link (below) BUT! we can always make this button clear with CSS!
We can also use these as LINKS, but the link content will not change if a client logs in/out/etc. Sign Up Login Deposit (if not logged in, the despoit link will ask you to login and send you to the trade room…suggest we use the button instead and simply style the button like text). PS: Check the source for the style that would control these buttons…except for it being the body on this page.
Here’s a sign up button?