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SymbolDescriptionLeverage Up ToTrading Hours
BTCBRTBitcoin vs Brent100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
BTCWTIBitcoin vs WTI100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
ETHBRTEthereum vs Brent100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
ETHWTIEthereum vs WTI100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
LTCBRTLitecoin vs Brent100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
LTCWTILitecoin vs WTI100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
BTCXAGBitcoin vs Silver100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
BTCXAUBitcoin vs Gold100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
ETHXAGEthereum vs Silver100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
ETHXAUEthereum vs Gold100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
LTCXAGLitecoin vs Silver100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)
LTCXAULitecoin vs Gold100:100:00 - 23:59 M-Sun (GMT+2)

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