Cerus Markets Limited is a multi-asset broker authorized and regulated by the Labuan Financial Service Authority. Cerus Markets represents a new type of global brokerage providing trading on cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, and commodities all from one platform accessible from your mobile device or web browser – all without fees. It is one of the few firms that allows traders to trade cryptocurrencies versus indices, stocks and commodities.

Cerus Markets’ goal is to enable market access for all trading levels, therefore there are no entry fees which allow traders to place positions on multiple digital assets with as little as $50.

Cerus Markets offers its clients access to Non-Deliverable Crypto contracts which are derivatives commonly known as a Contract for Difference (“CFD”). NDCs are tradable instruments that track the price of a cryptocurrency—the most advantageous way to trade crypto. An NDC provides investors access to higher leverage, the ability to go long and short any cryptocurrency and even the ability to trade crypto against some of the world’s largest companies, equity indexes, and commodities, all with zero fees.

In addition, clients of Cerus Markets will have access to over 200 different instruments paired with cryptocurrencies. Trading these instruments will require no wallets, provide safety of funds, and incur no fees or commissions.

Official Launch

Starting on 27th March, 2023, clients will be able to access Cerus Markets Trading Platform and Mobile Application and trade over 200 different instruments paired with cryptocurrencies. Offering a best-in-class trading platform that will be accessible from your browser or mobile device, Cerus Markets provides 24/7 access to the global markets.

Learn More at https://www.cerusmarkets.com

Join a $10,000 Pre-Launch Giveaway

Leading up to the launch, Cerus Markets is running a giveaway of $10,000 Cash. Traders will need to sign up for the waitlist and download the trading app once it becomes available. A total of three winners will be chosen at random and announced via email and social media. $5,000 is awarded to the first winner, $3,000 to the second and $2,000 to the third.

There are already thousands of traders who have joined the Cerus Markets Mobile App Giveaway – are you ready?

Learn More at https://www.cerus.app